Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have been aching to take some pictures. As of late with work and family life I haven't really had the opportunity to get out and shoot. That was until last weekend when I got to do a number of cool things.


First was when we took our dog, Lilly, to the park to let her run around. I don't know how much you know about Labs but they are pure energy and are the greatest fetchers in the K-9 world. She proceeded to get insanely filthy but still have a ton of fun and burn off tons of steam.


That night was my good friend (and no he's not my brother) Corey's Thirty-One-Derful birthday celebration in Seattle. It was awesome. We had this room rented out and tons of people were there. His brother DJ'ed and Rory OK and the Worst Band Ever played and rocked the house. It was too much fun and ended in a long Sunday morning.


Then on Sunday we had the opportunity to see our friend Jeremy play murder ball in West Seattle. The sport itself is simple but the overall way they play is complex. I had no idea it was that cool but I do now.

So check out the links below to see all the pictures and leave some comments if you like. Thanks everyone for having a gander I appreciate it.

The Park With My Family
Corey's Birthday Party
Seattle Slam

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