Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I know it's been a while...


It's true I've been slacking off and I partially blame this on Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for my XBox and my really busy life. I've also been working on getting my photography deal kicked into high gear. I was asked by the photographers who did my wedding, Natasha Reed Photography to be a third photographer in a wedding in September. This means a lot to me because I really look up to these guys and the fact that they are willing to let me work with them means the world to me. It's flattering to say the least but overall it is an amazing opportunity for me to learn. I can't thank them enough for letting me be apart of their business and seasoned photographer's minds. I am definitely looking forward to that.

I have also decided a name for my business if that's what you want to call it and that's Christian Linenko Photography. I know creative right? I think it get's the point across. So I have been booking shoots like crazy so if you're interested please click the Recruit Me link above. I also have a facebook fan page now so "like" me if you haven't already. It can be found here. Thanks for checking in and I have 3 new recipes coming really soon. Hope you all are doing well!

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